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The Land Of Milk And Cookies
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Date:2005-12-31 11:46

So I'm now a part of tribe.net and myspace as well as this crazy bullshit. I really love all this fun stuff but holy moley I'm gunna be stretched thin. I just don't get a chance to get online when I'm living out in the woods nearly as much as here in babylon. Go figure...... 

Last night was absolutey insane and fun, too. I showed up at Jannus Landing at around 9:45 during the Benevento/Russo Duo show with Mike Gorden from Phish playing bass. My intention was never to actually go to the show but to hang out a bit outside, hear some music, and than make it over to Tamiami Bar (which is connected to Jannus) and see Middle Rhythm Section play the afterparty and hang out with Alexis.  Mission accomplished.  They played an awesome set and then I ended up at a table in the bar with Alexis, this pretty mama named Maggie, who, it turns out, I met at a Dark Star show at Jannus last year, Mike Gorden, and the Duo.  Pretty fucking sweet.  After quite a bit of drinking and flirting with Maggie, Mike and the boys all up got and walked onto the little stage, grabbed some instruments, and proceeded to play an absolutlely rocking fucking set with some of Middle Rhythm Section.  They played Lovelight, I think some Phish, and some other awesome jams.  Man I got down and funky up on that floor. 
The funny thing is that I never got into Phish.  I went on tour, caught a show up in Wisconsin, yadda yadda yadda, but I just never got that bug like so many kids.  I still totally have respect for their music and ability and WILL get funky if I must, but now I dig 'em quite a bit more.  I think Trey really just turned me off.  Mike, however, is one helluva bass player.  Tonight, New Monsoon downtown at The Bank.  This New Years will cap off one awesome, beautiful, and cosmic little visit home.  

Sometimes there's songs that'll send chills all throughout my body and make my nipples hard.  Rubin and Cerise, sung by Robert Hunter is one of those songs.  To hear all these Dead songs that I know and love sung by the poet who wrote them with Jerry is just fucking beautiful. 

Oh, and Image hosted by Photobucket.com everyone.

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Date:2005-12-28 15:40
Mood: mellow

Hello hello all. I'm back in St. Pete until early next week and having an absolutley great time. I rolled up to Tony, Ben, Nathan's on monday (tony's birthday) and later had wes, cara, sarah, her boyfriend, Tony's lady and Alexis all over for a night of rowdyness and red-eyed partying and music making. In the morning I made a huge 9 egg omelette casserole with spinach, two kinds of cheese, garlic, and baby 'bellas while Alexis called Bosnia and got Amra on the phone with us. At the same time we were talking to her on the phone, Doug IMed us from Mexico. It was like having the whole tribe at the house for breakfast. Fucking cosmic and wonderful.
Tony, Ben, and I than went and played football for a while at the park. After losing ten bucks at poker later that afternoon I went downtown to Limeys for cocktails and hoolahooping with Alexis. Soon after my first beer her and I decided to run to the liquor shop, grab a pint of bourbon and retire to her place. We stayed up till three drinking warm, raw honey water with Wild Turkey, doing bonghits, and watching hitchhikers' guide to the galaxy. It is now four in the afternoon on wedensday and alexis and I spent the last four hours doing extremely beautiful omelette things in the kitchen with feta, kale, and eggs. Life is good.

also, I've got myspace. http://www.myspace.com/bamboofu

Check it out, fools.

Peas and love.

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Date:2005-12-01 22:49
Subject:big up, existance
Mood: grateful

Hello everyone. I've finally felt the urge to take the time and get on a computer....

I'd just like to say that this past month has been nothing but beautiful. I'm now working at the B&B on the land, helping out on the weekends and cooking for guests, cutting and splitting firewood, making driveways and all sorts of wonderful things like that. I've also recently been working with a masterful stone mason-learning to cut and shape huge, beautiful pieces of stone and laying them out as patios, building and creating stairways, and a few months before, building a dry-stacked retaining wall in pasture out of flat river rocks. Last week we were at about 3000 feet laying stone at this rich guy's house in the mountains when we finally had our first real snow of the year. It was quite a sight to see it come in through the valley and kick our exposed, windward asses in a neato-hourglass kinda way.

The trees are all bare now and the air is crisp, clear, and frozen. This time of year is always so beautiful and rich. It's also quite introspective. I've been quite inward lately; it's cold as fuck out and sitting next to a fire or up in my attic loft wrapped in my sleeping bag and some blankets is a nice change from always being outside, working and playing. I find that I don't make time to be with myself nearly enough. Being present is so so important and easily overlooked when one thinks. Thinking, while having it's place, is so damn overrated. It's hard work, but simply being is totally worth it.

My dad is coming up in two weeks from today. It's gunna be cool to chill with him for a week up here. I can't wait for him to meet everyone and really check out community and applied permaculture design. I really hope he gets off on it. I think he'll really get a kick out this place. After that the old man and mountain hippie drive to the other side of the great state of north carolina and the other side of the universe to place called Camp Lejune (sp?), a huge ass Marine base, where we will be picking up my oh so patriotic and deadly marine of a little brother. On the day we get back, my other cool ass little brother will be arriving by aeroplane from chicago. A week of family fun and me running around central florida trying to catch up with everyone will ensue. Once again I can go to annie moore's and dave the irishman pull me the perfect pint of Guiness and to Nature's Finest, where Aaron, the surfer from oklahoma, will make me a smoothie.
Doug and Tony, the curry family, alexis, sarah and so many others that I miss will finally be near again. Hell yeah. Maybe I'll even go seek out Renee and see what's up with her jive turkey self.

oh yeah. I'd also like to say, in the same sentence, that I simultaniously love hashish and miss Ms. Amrasan.

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Date:2005-11-07 10:29
Subject:What a weekend, what a ceromony.........
Mood: drained

Ayahuaska is the "vine of the soul", a sacred medicinal power plant, which grows in the Amazonian rainforest and is a natural psychotropic and hallucinogen. The shaman cooks this vine together with many other medicinal plants over many hours in water into a thick, brownish brew. The Quechua term of this drink "Ayahuaska" refers to the freeing of the spirit. The plants involved are truly plants of the Gods, for their telepathic powers is laid to supernatural forces residing in their tissues, and they were divine gifts to the earliest Indians on Earth.

To take Ayahuaska is to be purged and purified. It cleanses the mental, emotional and spiritual body. It reaches deep inside and removes the layers of debris which obscure the soul, opening up to the possibility of accessing psychic powers, journeying into the past, present and future, and reconnecting with our soul essence. It has a spirit, and in the eye of a shaman, it is a powerful doctor and great medicine and the Ayahuaska ceremony a magical gift of the Gods!

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Date:2005-10-28 13:36
Subject:what the fuck
Mood: chipper

Man....I'm totally being dissed and it fucking sucks. What is Renee's problam? Why will she not communicate with me? Fuck the whole being broke up thang, she owes me fucking money and is, for whatever reason, totally ignoring every bit of communication that I throw out. I'm not even being mean, I just want to know what's up with her telling me she's going to do something and then going incommunicado on me, changing her email addy, and not even telling me what's going on.

I really think at this point it's me feeling a bit hurt and taken advantage of by a girl who I was in love with and gave all my trust to for like two years or something. Where is the mother 'effin integrety? I hope to hell that she ain't going around acting honest and all that. I straight up dated a fucking lier and it really hurts.

october 6, she writes:
"Yea, I should be able to send out some $$ tomarrow, as my last paycheck was pathetic (I had been out of town, hence the small amount of $100). I'm sorry to hear your misfortunes concerning Steve and Sarah, but c'est la vie, I suppose."
Yeah......she wrote this shit on the 6th of the month and said it would be sent "tomorrow". That would have been the 7th. It would have gotten here quite a while ago. I'm two states away, not in fucking Uzbeakestan or something.

I need some help here. I'm feeling a bit frustrated and taken advantage of.

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Date:2005-10-21 14:42

Bluegrass is downright sexy. And I want some goats. That is all.

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Date:2005-10-21 14:33

how odd...I thought I was posting in the no undies community. Oh well....

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Date:2005-10-20 18:34

I would just like to say that I have not been wearing underwear since at least 2002, and spurradically not before that.
Now when I say that, I don't mean I do it dogmatically. I live in a tent, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it's getting a bit chilly. Longjons don't count, damnit.

Thank you, and I look forward to a long and naked relationship with you all.

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Date:2005-10-17 17:35
Mood: pissed off

With all this technology for communicating with people around the world, it seems that alot of folks still fail to be present and aware of the fact that telling people things such as, "oh, I wasn't able to send off the money I owe you today like I said I would because of blah blah blah" is really a kind thing to do. I sure don't like being kept in the dark over things like that. And I'm sure she can access a computer, if not at home, at school or a friend's place.

So twice through email, Renee has said she would send me money. The first time it was cool.... but again? And just like it was when we were dating, she forgets the crucial communication thang. TELL ME IF IT'S NOT COMING!!!! And wait, I think I tried asking her but what happened? Oh yea..she changed her email without telling me. What the fuck. I mean I'm all for being cool and friendly but this shit is rediculous. Fucking pay someone when you owe them money or don't borrow it in the first place.
And steve and sarah are just totally fucked. Live in my apartment for two or three months and than just up and fucking leave without paying rent, getting my place taken away, WHILE I'm out of town. I'm so fucking over this shit. First renee leaves me high and dry with no roommate, STILL owing me money, and than steve and sarah turn out to be total fucking lazy-ass potheads who were always "looking for a job". How much $$ they put me under is only a guess. At least 700 bucks. I'm sick of this shit, and I'm sick of flakes.
I've got bills to pay, too.

/end rant

on a better note, I have been picking up some basic work on some sites, mixing concrete here, painting a bit there. A little cash sure is gunna be nice!

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Date:2005-10-16 13:25
Mood: peaceful

There is something quite magical about driving through the mountains at night on the way to a bluegrass show. Even better with a fiddle player warming up in the back seat and the sweet smell of ganja trickling out the cracked windows and into the fall air. We even ran into my aunt and uncle, which was really fun. Gus got Robin and I drunk and we talked about salvaging a bunch of building materials from the Black Mountain house with a pickup the day after, which we did. Next week we're going back for a bunch of firewood. All this while the Greasy Beans played some rowdy, sweet bluegrass.

We've been having the most beautiful weather. Crisp clean days in the sixtys and clear moonlit nights in the 40s with fog in the mornings. Tonight there might even be a frost. This morning I woke up with a small bird looking down at me from benieth my rainflap. I guess my tent's just coziest scene in the forest!

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Date:2005-10-11 16:50
Mood: frustrated

This shit sucks. Anyone know of a good place to find discounted airfares for europe?

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Date:2005-10-10 19:50
Subject:Off to.....

Um...I'm restless. I want to be here and working but at the same time a couple of variables have suddenly changed: First is my car. I thought it was fixed but now I'm learning the starter is bad and the slave cylander is also a likely cause of my clutch fluid leaking again. I'm selling it as soon as I can. Also, Dancing Rabbit is not accepting any more visitors for the year. I'm not going on a road trip halfway across the country JUST to go to Chicago or Kansas, as much as working with Tavniah out in the plains was exciting to me. If I'm lucky, I'll get more than just 500 or so for the car. Even broke, I think it's worth about 800-1000 bucks. With a few hundred in fixing it up, it would be a working Saab for about 1300. Sweet frickin deal, if ya ask me.
All of this might mean I leave sooner than later. It's all good though, as I will be coming back Earthaven, at least to work a bit more. I already kinda miss it when I think of leaving; it's been a while since I've even felt this way about a place. Atleast since I moved from Oregon. Florida always kinda sucked, Jamaica was cool but I was done after a couple of years of that, too. Chicago was more of a transiton.
I really want to be moving. I'm out and have nothing really holding me back except my car. Cars fucking suck. I'll be glad to have removed that little bit of shitty karma from my life (pun totally intended). Elise, want a Saab?

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Date:2005-10-05 20:59
Subject:BAMBOO FU!!!!!!!!!!
Mood: satisfied

So we picked some apples on sunday. Like two pickups full of apples. There is this mountain that a bunch of rich folk live on. Maybe a hundred or sixty years ago, apples were farmed on this mountain. Now, there are old, old apple trees of all different types dotting these peoples homes. Un-sprayed, un-fertalized....
And the shed where the cider press is kept was just finished. So when all was said and done, over 150 gallons of cider had been pressed by Tuesday. That's right. Can anyone say apple mead? Howsabout some apple jack....some apple cobbler maybe? APPLE CRISP!!!! oh yeah......
give thanks to the yeast. two days after the pressing some of the bottles were already under pressure from the fermintation. This stuff will truely be hard in week or two.

In other news, I came up with and built, with the help of another work exchanger, a most excellent 8ft bamboo and twine tomato trellace on a living roof. Tommorw we are turning a large part of the rest of his roof into a bamboo-framed greenhouse.

Heck yes, bamboo rocks. Bamboo on living roofs is even cooler.

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Date:2005-10-04 16:25

Hello everyone!!!! I'm done with my internship and now am a bona-fide, certified, and permified Permaculture Designer! That's right, by next week the world will be green and everyone will be shitting in composting toilets!!!!!!

I'm actually right off to work now so peace and goodbye again. I shall now be more present with this whole LJ thang.

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Date:2005-09-14 15:32

Can someone give me Renee's E-Mail addy? It's not on her user info.

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Date:2005-08-09 16:53

Peace, motherfuckers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-08-08 12:52

We all went to the beach yesterday evening only to see about 20 people milling around with no drums. Without drums ourselves, we ended up playing uno in this guy's bus until some guy with a bunch of drums asked us to help start the circle. After a while of having fun and hoola hooping, we caravaned over to the blueberry patch, hung out there until the power went off, and then zoomed back to the Anne Moores, where everyone else bought the drinks and sarah tore up the Karaoke.
Positively love all these nice people saying goodbye to me-I feel all squishy.

I'm leaving for the Mountains on Wednesday. Finally a bit of follow through in a direction that makes me happy and productive. The happy part I can usually do, but I really don't feel like getting the karma due someone who has lots of fun but helps little.

Things have been coming together these last few days before I leave. Oil's changed and i'm having my exhaust looked at by someone. Finally after many holes and mosquitoes and cold nights, I bought a new tent and a big old tarp. Thermal undies from the army store, some nice flannel from the thrift shop and this and that in between....

Also been catching up on my reading as per the syllubus' book list. Super excited, I am!

Amra, what happened with the phone call? I tried calling you back a bunch but all I got was buisy signals.

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Date:2005-07-27 23:16
Subject:Up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, that's where I'll take my stand
Mood: contemplative

Fuck you, G-men, I know your asses are watching me!

Tony, Sarah, Steve, and I all got psychedelic on the beach the other night, went swimming and then ate breakfast and watched the beach wake up at a bus stop. It was nice to have Tony over for a couple days. He works at the Diner down the street but by the time he gets off at one in the afternoon, he's been up since before daylight and is tired as all hell.
Alexis came over the next day invited another interesting hoolahoop girl from tampa with a name that means Catherine in Russian. We enjoyed more triptastic times, swimming all day and than hoolahooping and drumming the night away on these huge mountains of sand that they are using to rebuild the beach. For a while even, there were six spun hoolahooping monkeys dancing to Les Claypool in front of my house.
Asking for trouble, yes, but still I love being a spectacle and a circus to all these squares, retirees, and snowbirds in my neighborhood. Sarah is now also hopelessly addicted to hoolahooping.

My dad said I can call Amra on his phone so I'm bringing people with me next time I come over here. That's right, cosmic sister, Tony pulled my hair, kicked me, and punched me as per your request for not calling you over there yet. Steve is getting his soon tonight, I imagine.

I also leave for the Ecovillage in a couple of weeks. Two months of living, learning, in a working example of ecovillage and permaculture design. Two months of being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, farming, living in a tent, building and designing kind and beautiful living systems, leaning about wild herbs and medicinal plants....fuck yea.

Peas and love and shit.

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Date:2005-07-13 00:07
Mood: sleepy

So life is better.
Steve and Sarah both moved in to the beach house and now rent is way cheap, I'm with real family, we stay up late making music and art every night, and best of all.....we're still all living on the island. Even though it's only a one bedroom, it still works out beacuse steve always works third shift and sleeps while Sarah and I are at work. I also decided not to go up to the Nationals, opting instead to work up on Madiera Beach for a week while they hire almost half a store. It's nice because for once it's a steady 2p-10p eight hours and is only a couple of bridges away. One thing about Madiera is that it's a dying fishing village that now relys more on tourism than anything else. Of the five big fish houses that used to be on the island, only one is left, and that's right behind the store. That means fisherman, and because of the hurricane, EVERY boat was in dock. That ment at least 15 crews, all shore bound, all pissed off, all with about a grand in their pocket from the catch, all smelling like fish, and all with nothing to do but jump up off the dock and into the parking lot, come into the store and buy beer, sit out on the dock, drink it, and smoke crack. What makes it better? Because of the stores short-handness and kick-ass 7-11 guy skills, they haved decided to work me those eight hour shifts alone. Nothing but me, a few tourists, a few locals, and a bunch of drunk sailors. I'm now learning that living at sea makes a person a bit....off. There's "Popeye", the short, gray, tattooed skipper of the blue hauled, very prettyTatu, who always tells me to run out to the docks and yell for him if I'm in trouble-20 years in the Navy and god knows how long after at sea on private vessals. Full of stories and pretty friendly....just off. I think I want to work on a boat for a while. As crazy as these fuckers are, I think being at sea for a month and half longlining for shark and grouper and whatever else they can sell would be a lot of fun. Maybe in a year or two after I'm done hanging out in the mountains....

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Date:2005-07-01 06:58
Mood: pissed off

Renee and I got into a small (by any standard) argument the other morning. This would have been fine if it were any other two roomates, lovers, friends, or whoever. We would have gotten over it. With her, an argument is a chance for her to unload whatever issues or other shit she's been bottling up for god knows how long.

You see, being passive aggressive means you don't confornt a person if you have a problem, instead opting to unload during an already happining argument or other convienent time. It means you lie, saying shit is okay when it isn't. It means 48 hours ago, we were having sex and to her it was "all good" and she "didn't care". Now, it apparently isn't "all good". I still
don't know what's wrong because her passive agressiveness is soooooo advanced that after the little argument, she packed up her shit and left for a day and a half without speaking a word. When I got home from work last night, she still said nothing to me so I went off to the pub with Wes, Sarah, and Steve.

I got home as she was leaving for work this morning and said hello, told her have a good time. When I turned on the light, there was a note in the kitchen. "Please sleep in the living room", it said. Fuck that shit and fuck her. Whatever is up her ass that's been bothering her has been doing so for way more than two days. This is the lying part. If she has shit to say, she should say it, not shrug,not let out little meep sounds, not avoid me, not post secret livejournal entries filled with rants she should say to me, and most of all..... not leave a fucking note. We may not be dating anymore but we can't help but live with each other for now. She can say to my face what she wants. She knew I was with Wes and could have called. She also could have told me. It wouldn't have changed much, though. The bed is mine, the issue belongs to her. She can sleep with that issue in the living room until she wants to join the ranks of people THAT DEAL WITH THEIR PROBLEMS by speaking up.

The people I love are honest and consistent. If your an asshole, I can trust you to be an honest asshole. Same with a saint. With her, it's a throw up. With Renee, it's always a surprise.

fucking geminis.

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