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The Land Of Milk And Cookies

I stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock. -Saul Stacey Williams

The Angry Hipmo
10 May
acoustic guitar, activism, adventures, al franken, animals, anti-ftaa, anti-war, appalachan reggae, art, away from home, back seats, backpacking, bare feet, being a little kid, biking, bluegrass, blues, bob dylan, bob marley, books, breeze, brooks, burning spear, cheap thrills, cheese, clouds, community, concerts, confusion, cool breeze, creation, cultures, customs, dad, darkstar orchestra, david grisman, determination, dreadlocks, driving, endless highways, ethnic cooking, experiencing, exploring, finding my way, fishing, folk, folk rock, food not bombs, for sale signs, frogs, frustration, fun, glasses, globalize this!, grateful dead, growing, hating george bush, having no home, hemp, history, howard dean, ice cream, independence, jamaica, japan, jazz, jerry garcia, kissing, lazy days, learning, leaving town, liberals, life, loneliness, long drives, love, macintoshs, mike moore, moving away, mud, mushrooms, music, nakedness, not settling down, not shaving, open minds, oregon, packing, palm trees, peace, people, peppers, photograpghy, pictures, piercings, places, playing guitar, political science, politics, poof, raccoons, rain on the roof, reading, rearview mirriors, reggae, revolution, road trips, saabs, salt water, sand, science, science fiction, sea breeze, sex, shady trees, shaggy hair, skinny dipping, sledding, snow, snowball fights, spare tires, streams, stuff, suprises, taking off, tents, the beach, the internet, tour, trails, travelling, vintage everything, walking, warm wind, willow trees, writing